Monday, January 16, 2012

New house on Minecraft!

Well it seems like the old map that was on Skavaen and MrLogie's Minecraft server became corrupt so they decided to blow it up.  During that time they took the chance to upgrade the server to support the latest 1.1 Minecraft clients that were released only a few days before.

The new map has a new spawning area which they have built and we now have a small list of rules which will help to keep the group of players rather happy.

So I had to rebuild my house, but I decided to do it slightly differently this time round and what I did was build my actual house in Minecraft.

Check out the video right now on YouTube and let me know what you think!

The video was recorded on my Linux system running XFCE as the desktop environment. The Minecraft client was captured using recordMyDesktop after hitting the Options button and increasing the frame rate to 30.  The result was then quickly edited in Openshot.

Hopefully that solution will work rather well, I shall do another one soon at full screen resolution and we can see how well recordMyDesktop manages with that.

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